Meet on sustainability education plan for schools held in Leh Aims to develop practical learning and maximum engagement of students on issues of waste, water and biodiversity

By Reach Ladakh Correspondent Leh, Sep 04, 2019
Leh :

A workshop of Wipro Earthian Program was held on September 3 in which 32 teachers from 20 different schools participated at Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School, Leh. 

The workshop aiming to shift the focus of our future leaders towards sustainable and environmentally sound development was organised by Himalayan Yeti Foundation and Wipro Foundation.

The teachers were introduced to the activities to be conducted within their respective schools. 

The activities focus on practical learning and maximum engagement of students around issues of waste, water and biodiversity within their region. Activities like “Waste scavenger hunt” in which students conduct ‘Waste Audit’ in their school and probe into ‘how they can reduce it’ and ‘if that waste is really waste’ was introduced.

Wipro Earthian Program focuses on hands on knowledge and experience around three themes i.e. waste, water and biodiversity to students. The program consists of annual competition where all the schools from India submit their learning’s from these activities. The selected team wins cash prize of ₹1 Lakh.

Himalayan Yeti Foundation (HYF) is a not-for-profit section 8 company, dedicated to helping the Himalayan region to promote engagement on 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), increase waste minimization and recycling, and implement environment/sustainable education in the Himalayan region. The organisation provides efficient, innovative and customized waste solutions to meet anybody’s needs. 

Himalayan Yeti Foundation has been working in Ladakh for a year now. Their plan is to bring a zero-emission waste management facility in Ladakh to eliminate dump yard like ‘Bomb guard’ which leads to various issues related to health and environment in Ladakh. Also, it focuses on ‘Behavioral Change Communication’ (BCC) in tourist visiting Ladakh and local community.