By Stanzin Dasal May 17, 2017
Dorjay Motup, EC Works: Developmental activities when carried out will definitely cause problems initially but it’s for a better tomorrow. 
The ongoing developmental activities in and around Leh is indeed causing traffic issues and problems for the people for the time being.  We are carrying out the sewerage and water pipeline work in different areas.
In areas like Changspa the sewerage and water pipeline work is carried out separately because, in the beginning, people didn’t let the sewerage pipeline to be laid off because they find it of no use. But this year they have asked for it thus, the road is dug twice. Whereas, in other parts like in Skara, old road, fort road etc. the work of both the projects is carried out together. All the activities are carried out in a phased manner without any delay and completed within the stipulated time.
The work is carried out in the peak time because of the weather condition in Ladakh. During the off-season, we can’t carry out the work because for the sewerage pipeline work weather feasibility is very important as it involves cement work.  Curing of the concrete is very important so as to ensure the work properly and to avoid further issues. Thus, it has been carried out during the onset of the season.
The work of the sewerage treatment plan in Agling will also be carried out this year.
For macadamization road from SP office towards Leh main gate is the first priority. The work is completed and is only left with the proper set up of the road after excavation. After that Skara road will be carried out and likewise, all the concerned areas will be taken care and handled as soon the work is done accordingly.
The work is carried out in a phased manner in all the area with close monitoring of the concerned officials. We have set the deadline of May ending to finish all the work.  Every effort is put to complete the work quickly so as to ensure fewer problems for the people and to finish the project successfully for better tomorrow.
• We are putting every effort to complete the work very soon keeping in mind of the problem faced by the people.
• Close monitoring and inspection are conducted by all the concerned officials to ensure no delay and proper carrying out of work.
• People co-operation is very much necessary to complete the work successfully.
Peer Zahoor - Dy SP HQR: Leh district is facing a serious challenge of increasing traffic menace, especially during the peak season. At present, the traffic pressure is more in Skalzangling, Leh main gate road, Old road, petrol pump adjoining road because of the ongoing sewerage and pipeline works.  Because of the less duration of a working season, the projects are been carried out.
Talking about the traffic issues, in general, it is caused due to the lack of parking area. As per our data, we have more than 14,000 vehicles in the whole district and we are not equipped enough to carry such an increasing number of vehicles.  A proper parking space is very important to make the traffic hassle free as people park their cars on the side of the road which is already narrow.
There is in need of various facilities so as to manage and regulate traffic in Leh town area. We are in short of manpower, at present there is around 20 personnel only but as per requirement, we need more than 50. The manpower we have at present are in the multi-task job because in a season there are many other activities coincides because of which there is a problem. For this, the matter has been taken up and CEC has also pursued the department about the need of manpower augmentation. There is an also need of recovery van, barricades, traffic signals, zebra crossing and many other things.
For barricades, we have ordered last year and will get it this year. And for parking, a multi-tier parking story will be constructed in Leh which will definitely help somehow in reducing the chaos.
Also, we will be increasing the number of challans 2 to 3 times. The government has made a radical reform in the transport sector including stricter penalties or multi-fold hike in fine for traffic violations; this is not implemented yet but once got in this will be very effective.
• Avoid using cars for small works which are of less importance.
• Public sense of responsibility and co-operation is very important to manage and regulate traffic.
• Equipment and facilities are needed to manage the increasing traffic issue.