Leh Beautification project

By Pal Thiksay Gobi Sep 02, 2016
Sonam Angchok Executive Engineer PHE Division Leh: Leh beautification project is further divided into four subprojects:
1.    Drinking water supply project of ₹70.48 crores 
2.    Sewerage water of ₹59.39crores
3.    Solid waste management of ₹10.94 crores and 
4.    Leh town road network cost of ₹76.53 crores by keeping in mind the vision of the next 30 years till 2042.
The entire Leh region is divided into 12 sectors that are from Gangles to Agling. The total cost of the water supply project is ₹70.48 crores, out of which ₹24.54 crores was spent.  The remaining amount will be covered in the next installment.  The total proposal is of 128 km out of which 35km got executed in Leh town including up to municipality area.
According to the norms of drinking water supply under Urban Infrastructure Development scheme for small and medium towns, (UIDSSMT) scheme; it stated that the main trunk line should be laid by PHE department. Till now drinking water is functional in two sections of Leh town that are in Leh main market and Housing Colony, whereas the distribution connection should be laid by the beneficiary households for their consumption. 
Earlier each household gets 70 litres per person per day whereas under the new scheme each household will get 135 litres per person per day. The Murtsey colony section will get completed within one week.
Till now the construction of RCC service reservoir is completed in Gangles, Gonpa, Old road, Stagofilok and Badami Bagh with 95% completion. After full completion of the scheme, the meter will be installed to every household so that the public will value the scarcity of water.
The total cost of Sewerage is ₹59.39 crores out of which ₹20.40 crores is released on a total of 120 km proposal, out of which 30 km is completed.
Currently, drinking water supply and sewerage system are completed and functional in Leh main market since November 2015. But sewage waste gets stored at the manhole near Balkhang Chowk. The problem lies with incomplete trunk linking of 200 mtr. length from Balkhang Chowk to Tibetan market area, because of which all the sewerage waste are currently get stored in the underground manhole near Balkhang Chowk. 
Sewerage and water supply works of inner Leh roads that are Old and Fort road started in the month of March and April respectively. Underground inspection chamber is laid after every 30 metres. If in case there is a waste blockage one can use the suction machine. Whereas for the water supply line, there is a service chamber laid under for further individual connection.
In housing colony area sewerage and water supply are functional, but bringing sewerage to its final collection is still incomplete.
There is a matter of land dispute and court procedure is being followed up for the installation of sewerage treatment plant STP in Agling. The sewerage will be functional full-fledged only after the completion of the plant.  
Further construction and work will be carried after the release of second installment funding from centre govt. 
•    Public co-operation and patience are needed to carry out the work effectively and efficiently. 
•     Every individual household should lay down their water pipeline connection further properly after lying down of the drinking water supply by PHE department.
Dorjay Gyatso Road and building (RNB): The Leh town road network cost is of total ₹76.53 crore out of which ₹10 crore got spent from Gangles to Housing Colony and Murtsey colony under two jurisdiction. 
Leh town road network will proceed its work once the sewerage and drinking water supply is completed.
The work of Leh main market that is from (State Bank to Balkhang Chowk) will get complete by the end of June.
Internal roads of Leh town like fort road digging starts recently in the month of March whereas old road starts on 16th April, once the PHE is done with sewerage line and water supply works, it will be hand over to us and we will proceed road blacktopping and enclosed drainage and footpaths.
In the housing colony area, sewerage and water supply are functional and we have laid stones and blacktopping will be done accordingly.
Since we are doing such a mega project ever, it needs time to get fully complete as it lays the collaborative work of many agencies. As people are complaining about unmannered road construction and digging all over the Leh town, yes people are suffering in the meantime but once the road is done they will be benefited ultimately.
•    We cannot do anything unless and until PHE department hand over its completion of work to us.
•    The patience of the people is also needed in this kind of mega-project. We request all the shopkeepers, residential customers and passers to have the patience for proper completion of the project.